Tuesday, October 1

Memories of Kvutza book launch, Nov. /13

Shalom Kvutzaniks!

I am delighted to announce the publication of a beautiful new book, "Remembering Camp Kvutza, 1944-1965"

There will be a launch party mid- Nov. 2013 to which you are all invited, where you can pick up your very own copy and enjoy a visit with old friends.

Details to follow in the next few weeks.

The book will be a collection of the essays previously featured in my pre-2007 reunion blog, "Kvutza Memories," with additional reminiscences by others, including Mikhl Herzog, who relates his early days, in the Spring of 1944, when he and a group of 'pioneers' set the camp up at the new site on Lake Erie, Ontario.  The true origins of the camp ghost, Anson Miner, and the rumours about "guns in the well" are finally clarified by the actual participants!

"Remembering Camp Kvutza" is also filled with wonderful pictures.  Archival shots from many collections, plus more recent images gathered at reunions and visits to the old campsite, fill the pages with nostalgia.  Included for your enjoyment, is also the camp songbook, a glossary of camp words, in case you forgot what an 'ohel' was, and a special section for autographs, should you want your old camp chaverim to write a special message for posterity.

You will receive more information shortly.  If you, or someone else you know who might be interested, are not on the reunion email list, please leave a message with your contact info on this blog and we will be in touch.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!