Wednesday, December 11

Archival Notes

The response to "Remembering Camp Kvutza" has been overwhelmingly positive.  A copy of the book will be ensconced in the Ontario Jewish Archives where, in years to come, cultural anthropologists can wade through its contents in search of the obscure origins of Anson Miner or how Jewish kids spent their summers in abject luxury on the shores of Lake Erie!

Some thoughts for all of you regarding your own 'archives'.
You may not realize how valued those old family pictures, certificates and letters you possess may be to this wonderful collection of the history of Canadian Jewish life.  You don't have to have been renowned, exotic or even notorious to be of interest.  Consider donating those large group shots of your  grandparents' social and political organizations, those pictures of the relatives taken at the photographer's studio at the beginning of the last century....even your pictures of Camp Kvutza!

Mikhl can you.  And then, when somebody makes an appointment to do some research, she will be handed a pair of soft, white gloves and a stack of meticulously notated files to sift through and learn about the lives previous generations of Jews who lived in Ontario.

As for the wonderful pictures throughout the book, please note that the colour photos on pages 12, 15, 31, 40, 47, 53, 57, 63 and 73 were taken by Bob Morris.  All contributions were gratefully appreciated, but there was limited space, so we added a few blank pages at the end for you to add your own photos, to personalize your copy for your own archives!